Short Post: What Are My Views on Trump’s Tomahawk missiles and the MOAB?


Personally, Trump was never my best friend in the beginning. But, I will say, Trump is knocking the hell out of ISIS, just like he said he would. And Trump is one of the first presidents who’s really doing what he said he would do.

To be honest, I’m proud of Trump. It’s about time a president took a step in and grabbed the reins and started punching ISIS. Trump isn’t afraid to knock out any country that stands a threat to the survival of America. Trump is aggressive and intelligent. I’m not a huge big fan of him, but he’s much better than Obama. I would rather Trump than Hillary. Continue reading

No Introduction Needed: Why Can’t White People Say the N-Word?

This has been a very controversial topic for years. Why can only people of color say N*gga? N*gger is a totally different thing. However, We are talking about N*gga not N*gger. Isn’t the very idea that only black people can say a certain word racist?

Yeah. Pretty much.

However, we must look at this word’s history and it’s roots to provide a more constructed argument against it. Continue reading